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The mural is complete! 10/23

It’s finished! Thank you Greenfield and everyone involved, This has been such a wonderful opportunity for me !
The newest mural in Greenfield, Ohio highlights the accomplishments of CR Patterson and Sons, the first African American founded car company active from 1893 to 1939 in Greenfield, Ohio. Fredrick Douglas Patterson founded the company, naming it after his father Charles “Rich” Richard Patterson.

Greenfield is getting a new mural that tells the story of C.R. Patterson and Sons. Use the Pay Pal link below if you would like to donate.

The Art Rookery is upstairs and Shannon’s Crafting Creations is downstairs. Stop by and see the changes which have taken place!

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Nancy Crawford, owner of The Art Rookery with Sadie, the happiest golden around.
Ready and waiting with lots of cool art! Stop in and see the new offerings at The Art Rookery.

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last updated 10/23